This blog was originally published by Team Bomber member, Taylor Cavin at Bomber Gear’s news site featuring the Bomber Gear Bomb Long Sleeve Dry Top. Might be hard to believe that fall begins in just a couple of months so yeah, time to start thinking about cold weather paddling!

This season I have had the pleasure of using The Bomb dry top among other Bomber Gear products.  There are several well thought-out details in the design and manufacture of the dry top that I really appreciate.

The cut:  At 6′ 0″, I use The Bomb size large, and I feel that the overall fit of the dry top is nice and roomy.  This makes for uninhibited range of movement in the upper body when paddling.  The spacious cut of the dry top also allows the layers worn underneath to stay lofty and keep you warm.  If you’ve ever had your dry top “shrink-wrapped” to you from going deep, you know that without loft you can get cold even when dry.

The gaskets:  The wrist and neck gaskets used in The Bomb dry top have an abrupt taper to them (more cone-shaped than funnel-shaped).  This enables the gaskets to keep water out, but allow for unrestricted blood circulation to your hands and brain (important)!  Most brand new dry tops are uncomfortably snug in the gaskets, prompting the user to either trim or stretch them, but not so with The Bomb.  The neoprene cuffs and collar that cover the wrist and neck gaskets are also easy to get into, but help keep out the most swash-buckling dousings from the river.

The material:  The outer shell of the dry top beads and sheds water like a duck’s back.  Not only does The Bomb keep the paddler dry, it pretty much keeps itself dry.  This helps the dry top stay lofty and keep the paddler’s strokes from getting bogged down with water-weight.

These features add up to make the best dry top I have used in ten years of paddling.  Try it out for yourself and you’ll see that they don’t call it “The Bomb” for nothing.

@austinkayak Great review on the Bomb dry top from @bomber_gear,

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