Hobie Mirage Oasis by Aaron Goulding

Sit-on-top tandems tend to be a staple for family’s interested in kayaking. They provide the recreational benefits that make sit-on-tops so popular, like easy in & out, with room for a second passenger (and sometimes even a third). Just like any kayak, sit-on-top tandems fit a wide variety of purposes, with designs for coastal paddling, fishing & sometimes just things like comfort and stability.

We recently came across an article from Canoe & Kayak magazine that reviews six different sit-on-top tandems. While we only carry four of them, we think this is a great resource to take a look at! They review the Feel Free Corona, Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe, Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL & the Hobie Mirage Oasis. You’ll notice that each one of these kayaks have very different looks and feels, so take a look at each one to see how they differ. You can find the article here or if you’d like to browse our tandems, click here for sit-on-top or here for sit-inside.