Drag Your Yak…on a Wheel

| August 26, 2012 | 3 Comments

Feel Free Wheel Design

Over the last several years, we’ve begun to see a new revolution in kayak design focused on customer convenience specifically the integration of a kayak wheel. At first I was skeptical but through multiple uses I have personally grown to appreciate their usefulness. I think this is a good step in the right direction for some manufacturers including Feel Free and Native Watercraft both offering their own take on kayak wheel designs. I am curious to see if other kayak manufacturers will follow through with this trend as well.

Here are a few examples:

Native Watercraft Manta Ray 12

Native Watercraft Versa Board Angler

Feel Free Moken & Moken Light

Feel Free Corona Tandem

So what’s your take on kayaks with integrated wheels? – Roland @ACK

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  1. greg loftus says:

    wondering about turning a skeg into a wheel to serve dual purpose. Just a thought. Cheers Greg

  2. Roland says:

    Greg, that would be interesting, so you mean remove the skeg and replace it with a wheel that is about the width of the skeg? My only concern would be is if the area around there can support all that weight of the boat. Cheers, Roland

  3. Lynda Springer says:

    I would love to see someone to make a wheel you could add to your kayak.I have a Big Yak that I fish from and it would be handy if you had to drag your yak any distance.

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