Wondering how to share? This will show ya!

Today is an exciting day for us…we’ve reached just over 9,500 likes on our Facebook page. If you follow any of our social media networks, you already know we aren’t shy about communicating with our customers and we hope that you enjoy it! So here’s the deal, we are on a fast track to hit 10,000 soon. As a way of thanking our Facebook friends (I prefer to say friends instead of likes because after all, you are people), we are going to deepen the discount on our current Facebook coupon code tab (Click here to see it) to 20% for 10 days (see coupon for details)! However, to get us there even faster, we need your help! If you already “like” our page, please share it with all of your outdoorsy friends and if you don’t, well…go like it! 🙂

Thanks again for your support!

Roland @ACK