NRS is at the core of paddling. Established in 1972 by founder Bill Parks, NRS has a rich history of growing from the ground up. Today the company seems to live and breathe paddling. Each week they release new instructional films and sponsored footage to the community (their Souls+Water is a great series if you haven’t heard of it). They sponsor athletes and ambassadors all over the world to represent their passion for paddling. Oh, and they also make great stuff for paddlers.

We carry a wide variety of NRS products including basic accessories, life jackets, dry suits and even some unique inflatable boats. One such boat is the Inflatable Pike Fishing Kayak. This boat comes already rigged with mounting options for fishing and best of all deflates and fits in a backpack! If you’re interested in learning more, watch this video from NRS rep Luke Adams at our 2012 Summer Demo Days.

We were also very lucky to have NRS sponsor our Texas based kayak fishing tournament, KATS, to which they donated one of their Inflatable Pikes!