Ahhhh Mom, no doubt she deserves it all but many would agree that simply spending quality time with her is all she really wants. This Mother’s Day, consider doing something a little different for Mom by giving her the gift of the great outdoors. We’re not just talking gear here but more so the experience of the outdoors. Even in your own backyard you can create memories which both of you will cherish forever. Need some ideas? We’ve got them. Not only from our own personal experiences but also from what our customers have shared with us.

Brunch on the River
Imagine the look on your mom’s face when you tell her that for Mother’s Day, you’ll be having brunch on a river sandbar or maybe deep within a secluded lake cove. Set her up on her own kayak for independence or make it easy for her by paddling a tandem, load up some gear for a makeshift day use base camp, food, drinks and a couple of camp chairs and take her down a river. Map out a public and easily accessible sandbar, and then have her sit back and relax while you cook up some Eggs Benedict with a side of fresh fruit. The sights, sounds and delicious food are more than enough but the quality time with you is what it’s really all about.

Take Her Wildlife Viewing
Whether on the lake, ocean or river, do some research on the best places to paddle where you may encounter wildlife you wouldn’t expect to typically see on a day to day basis. As you probably know, kayaks provide the mobility and stealthiness you need to encounter what one may never see on foot or motorboat. Bring a camera and let her click away while you maneuver the kayak or canoe.

Dine Outdoors!
Water not her thing? Instead of battling long lines and crowds at the restaurants, pack a lunch and go for a hike. Surely there’s got to be a hidden waterfall or relaxing stream she’s never seen before. Enjoy an early lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon sitting back with nothing better to do than enjoy your surroundings with one of the most special persons in your life.

Enjoy What the City Has to Offer (Outside)
So maybe Mom isn’t so adventurous or would rather stay in town. If a river runs through the city, paddle through or find a small lake or pond and let her experience the skyline from a different perspective. Paddle to an urban park for an early evening picnic and enjoy the sunset on your way back to your launch point.

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Fine, Stay Home
Okay, so maybe the idea of staying home on a lazy Sunday is all she really wants. Have someone keep her distracted while you set up a hammock in her backyard or porch. Grab her favorite book, a pitcher of tea, a bouquet of flowers and neatly place it all on a small garden table next to the hammock — no need to explain any further.

This Mother’s Day, think differently with the gift of the great outdoors. Not able to spend this Mother’s Day with mom? Click here for some great gift ideas! We ship, and we ship fast but don’t forget Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away. Outdoor adventure may not be for every Mom but even then, you may be surprised. Enjoy this very special day and let us know what you did (or plan to do).

Oh, and Moms, if you are reading this, here is a hint, print or email this short article to your children, maybe they’ll get the hint — wink, wink!

Happy Mother’s Day! – Roland @ACK