With the continued growth of the sport of kayaking, it still shocks me just how many people continue to transition from power boats into these little plastic boats. Is it the maintenance costs? Gas prices? Storage problems? Or is it the search for solitude? Maybe it is all of them. Either way, it still renders me speechless.

Just the other day I had a customer come into the store and tell me he was in search for a kayak. No biggie, that’s what I am here for. He then began to tell me that he had just sold his 34’ offshore boat and diesel truck so that he could buy a smaller truck to throw a kayak in the back. Again, no problem as I hear this several times a month. I never asked the reason but he soon filled me in. Recently his wife had passed away and kayaking was part of his spiritual healing process. Apparently his wife loved being in the outdoors. He said just going out into the coastal marsh and absorbing all of the sounds and serenity that Mother Nature has to provide was her absolute most enjoyable times. Supposedly she despised the big boat he had owned and apparently had repeatedly asked him to buy some kayaks to just go out and enjoy the outdoors on a whole other level. Well, he brushed it aside without thinking about it but when she passed away it really hit him hard. He finally realized that maybe he really should have listened to her all along and given in to her desire. The kayak he now looked at buying was to help with a type of spiritual healing that he truly felt he needed. He figured that if he were to sell the big boat and truck then buy a kayak and go out in the marsh, that some way he would be able to reconnect with her on some level. One of the last things he told me was that even though she was gone, she was still with him every day, and that maybe she would love being outdoors with him while he went. In some way hoping that it would help heal his heart and give her what she wanted all at the same time.

We all have our reasons for doing things, and this gentleman is a perfect example. I thought I knew most of the reasons for people to transition from boat to kayak, but that day my world got a whole lot bigger. If you came to our little world from a power boat, what drew you in?

Jerron @ACK Houston