We wanted to pass along some very in depth product reviews that we came across recently. The first comes from Thrifty Gear Reviews and is on the Lakota 65 Backpack from Kelty. According to Thrifty, this backpack is great for weekend campers/hikers so take a look if you fit the bill! Read the full review here. Thrifty Gear Reviews is a new blog that reviews outdoor gear and keeps price in mind. They are based out of Pflugerville, TX – that’s real close to us!

The second review is for the Bending?utm_source=ackblog&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=blog Branches Angler Pro Kayak Paddle and comes from kayak angler Ken Morrow at his Fish Camp Rehab blog. Ken has been writing reviews for quite some time now and seemed very pleased with the weight/length of the paddle as well as its visibility. Kayak anglers should definitely check them out! Read the full review here. Ken is an enthusiastic kayak angler based out of Florida that hosts fishing trips, posts reviews and much more!

Thanks to both sources for the mentions too!

Joseph @ACK