Jenell Vollmer wins the SurfTech Softop 11-6 donated by ACK

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the 2012 Colorado River Ramble here in Austin, Texas. It was A LOT of fun! For those that don’t know, the Ramble is a series of watercraft races for all ages and experience levels. They had races ranging from a 1.5 mile SUP race to a 10 mile tandem kayak race. I’d estimate that they had at least as many racers this year as last (about 150), if not more. Racers put in beneath the Mopac Bridge and paddled as far as Red Bud Isle before returning to the finish line.

Neil, Jonathan and Joseph

Afterwards, racers were invited to the Family Water Festival at the Redbud Center for food, music, activities and prizes. A number of educational tents were set up with kid friendly activities all relating to the outdoor lifestyle. It all fit into the theme of educating the community about the importance of waterways like the Colorado River, which just happens to be the mission of the Colorado River Foundation who put on the event.

ACK had three associates participate in the race, including Neil Parrish from Internet Operations, Kristian Kolflat from the Austin Store, and Office Manager Amy’s son, Jonathan Leggett. Neil and Jonathan both placed third in their respective division.

ACK was honored to be a sponsor of the race donating a Surftech Softop 11-6 which was raffled off to Jenell Vollmer at the festival. Congrats Jenell!

Looking forward to next year’s race!

Joseph @ACK