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| March 12, 2012 | 7 Comments

Last night we posted on our Facebook account regarding a fire at our Houston location, I wanted to take a few minutes and provide a detailed update.

First and foremost, no one was injured, the fire happened after hours.  While our building was not on fire the fire in the adjacent building behind us caused havoc due to the extreme heat from the fire.

All in all we lost about 70 kayaks in our store, this is about 1/3 of the inventory held at the Houston store, we also are not sure of the back 1/3 of the building itself as the heat damaged the steel structures of the building behind us and the back portion of our building.

In the end this is a minor bump for us, thankfully the majority of our inventory is stored in our warehouse and we have fabulous insurance to cover us during this period.  Additionally, we have an amazing group of employees and customers that all worked tireless through the night and through today to clean up as much as possible.

We will be OPEN for business tomorrow, the forward showroom was left unharmed.  If you do live in Houston and know the kayak you want we can take care of you, we just can’t display them due to the damage in the back building.  There are no issues if you are needing accessories as that portion of the building was not harmed.

Thanks again for all the support.

Peter @ ACK

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  1. Julie Olson says:

    We’re glad to hear no-one was hurt in the fire and hope things get back to normal for you and your employees soon.
    We’ll be by to shop for our new kayak next month.

  2. Wow, I was not expecting to hear that many kayaks were damaged… I was assuming just a few. Sorry guys, thank god for insurance. Keep your heads up!

    – Kev

  3. Mike Farrell says:

    Is the paddle event still on for Wednesday night?

  4. Wayne says:

    This is so sad – I’m picturing those awesome kayaks stacked along the back wall last time I was there. I’m glad it was no worse than it was, you’re a great bunch to work with!

  5. Roland says:

    Mike, I think you posted on our FB page as well and just in case you didn’t get the message there, the seminar is still scheduled. Feel free to call our store if you have any questions at (713) 660-7000

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