We had a customer come in and tell us a crazy story about sailing off the coast of Florida. It was a mother, father and two teenage kids that had flown to Florida to purchase a sail boat and were planning on sailing it back to Texas. When they got to Florida they took the boat out for a test run on what they thought would be a 4 hour test…turns out they hit a massive storm which knocked out their electronics (GPS) and disoriented them. Ten days later, they saw a large ship out in the ocean that rescued them. They had enough food for 4 days and no map, they were relying solely on the GPS system and they didn’t tell anybody where they were going so there were no rescue crews searching for them.

Needless to say they ended up selling the boat in Florida and did not make the journey to Texas in their sailboat. Now they are kayakers who love to fish off the Texas coast.

Moral of the story, whether boating, paddling or hiking, don’t rely solely on electronics as your only source of navigation. It’s always a good idea to take a map of the area with you along with a compass as a backup and always tell somebody where you are going and when you plan on arriving there. – Luke @ACK San Marcos