Jerron (ACK Houston) offers his advice on BTB fishing.

It’s coming close to a year now since ACK launched its in-store seminar series. For those that live near one of our stores, hopefully you’ve had a chance to attend one by now. For those of you who are not familiar with our in-store seminars, ACK’s expert store staff has been putting on local, educational tutorials each week on topics based on customer feedback. These seminars are casual, free events conveniently scheduled on Saturday mornings.

Some examples of topics we’ve discussed in the past include Basics of Kayaking, Choosing a Paddle, Loading and Hauling a Kayak, and Outfitting a Kayak for Fishing. While some of these topics are more popular than others, our expert staff puts the same amount of effort into the event whether one person shows up or twenty. These have been particularly good opportunities for Q&A sessions.

So come down and check one out! Our next seminar is scheduled for this Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 and is titled “Places to Paddle”. Our expert staff will discuss lakes, rivers, and creeks in the Austin, San Marcos, and Houston areas that are good for recreational paddling, fishing, and everything else. You can always find an updated list of upcoming seminars for Houston, Austin and San Marcos. And don’t forget, we also offer attendees an in-store discount for attending the event. – Joseph @ACK