I went to the San Antonio Boat Show this past weekend to help man the booth Saturday and Sunday.  I will be honest,  I don’t get out to the shows nearly as much as I used to and used this one as an opportunity to shake some rust off and see what happens in the trenches.  While at the show for two days I heard a lot of great questions, but most fun was listening to the people walking through the booth and their comments.  So, I compiled a list of the top ten things I heard, not really in any particular order:

1.)  You have a store in San Antonio (well, no we don’t, we are actually in San Marcos, but our name “Austin Canoe & Kayak” is confusing to say the least)
2.)  “Do those flipper things really work?” (x52 times)   – In reference to the Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks
3.)  “The best part of this Pop Up Camper that it comes with Yakima Roof Racks; You can take your Kayaks anywhere”
4.)  “Wow, that boat is long” (In reference to every boat standing vertical, it is amazing how you lose perspective)
5.)  “I just can’t decide, you all have too many choices”
6.)  “Honey, just get it already!  I’m getting the Inflatable SUP.”
7.)  “Sweetie, it will be the last cooler I ever buy.” (In reference to buying a Yeti Cooler.
8.)  “I was at the Houston and Austin Boat Show, do I get a better discount?”   (The short answer, no.  But really, that is a lot of dedication)
9.)  “OMG, did you see that fish he just caught from his kayak (In reference to the video loop we had going)
10.)  “I am not buying this for me, it is so I can have a friend come along” (He was buying a second kayak just for friends, surely a nice guy!)

This next weekend (and the following weekend) we will be at the Dallas Boat Show.  If you live in the area, stop on by to check it out.

Peter @ ACK