Something just occurred to me. While we often talk about the new products we get on Facebook, Twitter and our monthly newsletter, we rarely make mention of the actual brands. I told myself, c’mon man get with it, tell them about the brands man, the brands! As we roll into 2012, figured I’d share a few with you that we are proud to be associated with — welcome aboard new brands! – Roland @ACK

Saris Cycle Group – Beautifully designed bicycle racks and accessories.

Ultimate Survival – Rock solid survival and emergency tools.

Xcel – Performance outdoorwear and wetsuits.

Primus – Durable stoves and other camping equipment.

Kuat – Sophisticated bike racks that turn heads.

Redfeather – Innovative snowshoes and accessories.

Zing – Toys for the rest of us (and kids too)!

Omega Pacific – Serious climbing and rescue equipment.

Cleanwaste – Go anywhere personal human waste management…yes, that.

Reliance – The best in collapsible containers for hydration and waste management.

AGS Labs – Simple yet effective outdoor cookware and other camping equipment.

Bluewater Ropes Quality recreational and occupational climbing and rescue gear.

Is there a brand you think we should carry? Tell us why by commenting below!