We received a new product today, the highly anticipated Kuat Bottle Lock. This nifty little item appears to be a standard water bottle but in reality it is a 5 foot 8mm thick, cable lock. Pretty cool. It stores right in your water bottle cage until needed, at which point you grasp the end and pull, allowing it to uncoil itself. Just wrap it around your bike frame and then lock it back into itself, voila.

The Aftermath

Well, while trying to forecast demand for this item we got into the discussion concerning the durability and strength of the locking mechanism as well as the plastic housing. After a few minutes of debate, brute force took over…tell you what, this sucker is strong! It took a hearty 7 slams of the sledge end of the axe until the casing finally gave way — impressive. What we were really interested in determining was how the 8mm cable was locking back into itself and as you can see, solid as a rock. While this probably won’t deter the more aggressive bike thieves, it sure will slow them down and it will definitely keep the honest folks honest. We are impressed!

Steve @ACK