ACK employees, Nate from Houston and Seth from Austin, will be heading down to the 2011 Paddlefest in Port Aransas, Texas. For those of you who haven’t heard about Paddlefest it’s a four day long event being held in Port Aransas, Texas by a group of like minded paddlers from all over the state this Halloween weekend. There will be camping, guided kayak tours, kayak demonstrations, basic sea kayaking instruction and a swap meet amongst a variety of other activities. What better way to spend a weekend! We asked both Seth and Nate to give us some insight into this event and here’s what they shared with us.

Paddlefest looks like it should be a huge hit this year. With paddlers from all over the state coming together for this weekend’s event, I look forward to meeting them and offering up my advice and experience any way I can. I’ll be spending most of my time helping fellow paddlers with repairs on their boats, assisting with paddling trips and teaching clinics.

This is also going to be a perfect time for me to pass on roach motels to put some great camping gear to the test. The main items I am interested in using are the Kelty Salida 2 and the Sierra Designs Zeta 3 tents. I guess Nate and I will have to do a coin toss to see who uses which tent. I’ve had my eye on the Kelty LumaCamp LED lantern to help light up our base camp kitchen along with the GSI Bugaboo camper cookset so we’ll be bringing those along. We are also going to try out a few different boats this weekend including the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 and the Hobie Revolution. Personally, I am looking forward to hitting the surf with my personal Pyrhana Rev whitewater kayak. Nate was able to round up a small generator so I’ll also be bringing an extra heat gun and scraps of plastic to do on the spot repairs as needed.

I am really excited about this trip and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you when I get back. Just checked in on the weather report and this cold front that blew in is going to keep the conditions perfect for paddling this weekend.

– Seth @ACK Austin

Both Seth and I are excited about attending Paddlefest 2011 and honored to be representing ACK — you should be too! Why you might ask? Because we’re bringing demo boats and paddles! Expect to see us with a Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140, Wilderness Systems Tempest 180 (composite), Current Designs Kestral 160 (composite) and one of Necky’s newest, the Vector 14. As for the paddles, we are bringing a Werner Camano Fiberglass 230, Werner Camano Carbon 230, Werner Kalliste Carbon Bent Shaft 230, Werner Cyprus 220 and a Bending Branches Navigator 230 — yep, some nice paddles.

In addition to product, we’ll also have tools, hardware and spare parts available to assist anyone who is having gear malfunctions. If you are planning to attend this weekend you can look for us at the IB MGEE Beach Park headquarters in the mornings and afternoons. This is where paddlers will be meeting before they disembark on various trips in and around the area and where we’ll be camping.

Seth and I are looking forward to paddling with you guys and gals!

Nate @ACK Houston