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| August 26, 2011 | 2 Comments

Get one of these next time you rent a kayak at ACK San Marcos

A few weeks ago I paddled with Doug, ACK San Marcos Store Manager, on the lower portion of the Guadalupe River here in central Texas. Despite the abnormally low water level, the amount of trash and litter that has accumulated just downstream of New Braunfels is flat out hideous. It wasn’t long before we both agreed it was time we found a way to do our part in trying to keep our waters cleaner not only on the Guadalupe River, but everywhere. After putting some thought into this I contacted WORD (Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal County), an organization that was founded to regularly clean up rivers and lakes. WORD graciously provided us with mesh trash bags to give out (free of charge) to ACK customers who rent a kayak from us.

ACK is proud to do our part in keeping our waters clean and we always encourage our customers to do the same so that future generations of paddlers will be able to enjoy the same healthy waters and fisheries we have today. Hopefully our efforts will encourage other water enthusiast to be more responsible with their trash. Remember the old saying “Take out more than what you brought in”.

Come on by to our San Marcos store, rent a yak and get a free bag!

ACK San Marcos

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  1. Chris says:

    I see far too many Styrofoam bait boxed left on the shores.. empty beer cans, and tons and tons of tires in my area (Cincinnati, OH) will arrange on occasion to get free rentals from a livery on the condition they clean up. I’d like to have that option every time… I have 3 kayaks… but you need a canoe to really do effective clean up.. I don’t have a canoe… and I’m not buying one to pick up someone else’s 20 year old tires with. But I WILL pick up 20 year old tires if ya loan me the gear…

  2. Corridor Limo says:

    That is really great about that organization giving you guys those mesh bags. I agree the trash is major problem, and I fully support the movement to remove disposable container usage from the parks and rivers. Yak on guys!

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