Editor’s Note: Beginning this August, all 3 ACK stores will be hosting periodic “Ladies Night” seminars and special events. We’ve hosted them in the past and were deemed a huge success so we decided to reintroduce them as part of our regular running calendar of events. For more information, click through to San Marcos, Austin or Houston to access our quarterly calendars.

ACK Staff and Holly

ACK San Marcos hosted the first in a series of ladies night seminars with guest speaker Holly Orr, an avid and experienced paddler with many outstanding accomplishments under her belt including a recent win of the 2011 Texas Water Safari with Women’s First Place and 10th overall. She is also a USCA Certified Instructor.

A Focused Audience

We had a wonderful turn out with both experienced and novice paddlers who were pleased to gather valuable information from a pro. The group learned proper paddling technique, useful gear to take with you on your excursions, how to read a river and many other trip saving ideas. Drinks and snacks were available during the seminar; while the ladies studiously took notes that would help them become more skilled and confident in their abilities. A big thanks to Holly for sharing her expertise with us and bringing some of her own personal gear to help give us a better idea of how to make our next trip on the water more enjoyable!

ACK-San Marcos