It’s summer in Texas and if you haven’t noticed, it’s HOT. With summer comes long sunny days and UV exposure can be extremely dangerous. Since I’m an outdoor enthusiast, I should know better but apparently I wasn’t thinking straight.

July 4th was a great day. I was off from work and decided to go tubing down the San Marcos River with a group of close friends. It was only supposed to be an hour or two float but because of all the tubers congesting the waterways, it ended up being a 3 hour float with no shade.

I had my Aloe Gator Suncreen, my ACK hat, and my Columbia Tamiami Shirt with 40 UPF Sun Protection built in. Did I use any of it? Nope, I left it all in the truck. I was dumb enough to say “I want to tan” and I didn’t even use my Man O War Costas because I didn’t want to get a “raccoon tan”. Boy did I ever get my “tan” on. I ended up looking like a blown up red balloon.

People, don’t be me. Whether you’re kayaking, tubing, fishing or whatever else you enjoy doing outdoors – protect yourself from the sun or you’ll end up looking like this (It’s not a pretty sight – NSFW): CLICK HERE

Dave Graves
Assistant Manager
ACK – San Marcos