It’s been a long 6 years but we’re finally able to celebrate a small victory — acquiring! Each May we were greeted with disappointment as the web address was always renewed, but things changed this year as we finally got a hold of what we now consider one of our most prized possessions,

It’s a small feat for what we consider a large victory, so what does that mean for you? We are now able to provide our customers 72% more time to do other things than typing a web address (the address is 72% shorter). actually makes our current short link ,, not all that interesting any longer, but we will still use it as it helps identify which is a regular link as opposed to a shortened link.

As we begin our migration to the new URL you probably won’t notice many changes, other than seeing a shorter resolving web address in your browser window. You can already access our site via the new address at as we have a temporary redirection taking place.  For those that want to free up about 2 seconds of your life…assuming you type 60 words per minute, give it a spin.