Editor’s note: You may remember a recent product review by the folks at YakFishing Addicts Klub featuring the GoPro Helmet Hero Video Camera. This time, they focus on a product that is on the opposite end of the technology spectrum — a simple yet extremely effective and useful device better known as the Boga Grip.

YakFishing Addicts Klub bought a few Boga Grips to use when catching those fish with monster teeth or for those that are simply larger than a person can handle and avoid harming the catch. We like to invest our time in testing products that we can refer to our club members so that they too can have the knowledge of products that are going to work best for them while kayak fishing. We also chose to recommend the Boga Grip to our club members to promote safe handling of the fish. We encourage our members to take a quick photo and then release the catch to keep the fish as stress free as possible. The Boga Grip makes this possible.

Boga Grip In Use (Photo by Hobie)

The Boga Grip is specifically made to help land and handle fish but also weighs them. It comes in three different sizes including a 15 LB, 30 Lb and 60Lb version, each a little bigger but all made with the same handling capcaity, which is double the weight of its scale capacity. Boga Grips are made with a very nice non slip grip, 300 series stainless steel, and acetal plastic — it’s always nice to have confidence in your equipment.

YakFishing Addicts Klub testers take great time making sure that we review products to the fullest extent. For example, we even sent a Boga Grip to the International Game Fish Association, for it to be certified for world-record catches before recommending them to our club members.

Boga Grips are well worth the price, offering a sturdy device to handle, weigh, and release a fish without harming them or the angler.

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