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| March 2, 2011 | 6 Comments

Light, nimble, full featured
and affordable.

What do you get when you take one of the most well-respected, popular and proven kayak and shrink it? Not much really, you just get a smaller and lighter version of it. Ok, bad joke but in all seriousness, we wanted to share this short and sweet review that one of our very own customers wrote after he paddled the Tarpon 100 on the Devil’s River for 4 days. If you’ve ever paddled this river, you know that the Tarpon 100 was put through a pretty tough test.

First reaction — sweet boat! My goal was to find a kayak for some fun surf play, river and small lakes where maneuverability is very important and I was very impressed with the Tarpon 100. Don’t be fooled by the size of this kayak. I am 6’1” weighing in at 185 and felt that the Tarpon was stable. In fact, I was able to stand up and sight cast but I have to admit that it did get a little wobbly when I did this. The tracking was surprisingly good for a 10’ kayak even when I paddled hard.

In terms of features, the adjustable seat is very comfortable and was simple to adjust. I also needed a kayak that was able to hold my camping gear since I was planning to take it on a 4-day trip down the Devil’s river. This list included a sleeping pad, sleeping bag, small overnight bag, food, water and fishing supplies and to my surprise, it all fit!

I also like the fact that this boat is pretty light and I am able to easily pick it up over my head and walk it to and from my vehicle which is a big plus.

Overall, I gave this kayak 5 out of 5 stars!

ACK Customer

Editor’s Note: Do you have a Tarpon 100? We’d love to hear from you too…comment below!

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  1. Susan says:

    I also own 2 Tarpon 100’s and love them. Mostly use in creeks and rivers both for fishing and nature watching. My son and daughter in law liked them so much they bought two for themselves!

  2. Donna Endsely says:

    I have a Wilderness Ride w/rudder for my fishing and use my Tarpon 100 for all my river excursions or for those times when I need a smaller boat for travel. What can I say…..I love them both for different reasons. I would not have anything other than a Wilderness Boat – Great Quality and I would not use any other dealer than ACK.

  3. Garry Teeple says:

    I’ve had a Tarpon 100 for two years and use it to fly fish conservation lakes and old strip pits in central Missouri. It’s a perfect fit for these small lakes and easy to carry and paddle. I had a 14 ft. jon boat that was such a pain to take to the lakes I was not fishing as much as I would like, the Tarpon 100 has got me on the water much more.

  4. Lou Werner says:

    I have a Necky Manatou 13 that I use in the Delaware River. I can handle any wake from any big boat coming down the river. Even had two tug boats coming down the river putting out about a three foot wake that hit me broad side and the Necky handled it with no trouble. I have had this boat four seasons. I don’t recommend it for fishing but good for general kayaking.

  5. Terry Garvin says:

    Have three widerness systems boats a 135 pamlico a tarpon 120 & our newest boat is a 100 tarpon. all these boats track amazingly well & have taken huge amounts of hard use without a problem. akc is an awesome supplier i would recomend to everyone.

  6. Mike McKay says:

    I’ve had a Tarpon 100 for about five or more years now and have logged many trips on it. It does it all, from kayaking Class III rapids on Barton Creek at 700 cfs to a leisurely paddle on Lady Bird Lake to watch the fireworks or explore Snake Island. It handles overnighters well and has served me for many kayak camping trips stashing most of the gear in the front hatch with some in drybags in the back well. I’ve done three 3-night trips on the Devils River in this baby, a river known for destroying boats but it’s still solid as day one! Also the Gulf of Mexico, Medina (my favorite river that I’ve only got to do once!), Upper Guadalupe, Lower Guadalupe, Brazos, Blanco, Upper and Lower Barton Creek, Lady Bird Lake, Llano, San Marcos, Colorado…Pecos I’m looking at you!

    It’s hauled plenty of beer, dogs, firewood, gear, radios, kids…you name it, it can haul it. Great fishing boat in a small package. I’m 6′-2″ 200 lbs and it holds me fine. I would consider a 120 though, after borrowing one, as it holds me and the pup and little drier. I bought the 100 as it was in stock and I wanted a compromise so I could take it on Barton Creek.

    Our crew owns about 8 WS boats in all and they all have served us well! Happy paddlin’!

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