Night Fishing with the Wildcat Lighting System

| March 9, 2011 | 9 Comments
Kayak with lights installed.

Mad River Kayak with Installed System

For me kayak fishing is not just a hobby or an activity to pass time, but an obsession. I am always on the water whenever I have a few hours to spare. However, since I am a working college student, my spare time is very limited so I usually fish at night. Fishing from a kayak poses some challenges but I recently discovered a new product that ACK carries — a fishing light system by Wildcat Lighting. This system not only makes it easier and safer to fish in the dark but it actually attracts fish to my kayak!

At first I was a big skeptic because I have previously spent lots of money on fishing lights that just flat out didn’t meet my needs. Unlike most lights out there, these Wildcat lights are 100% waterproof and work well in both salt and freshwater environments. I installed the “Basic Kit” on my Mad River Synergy 12, which consisted of two 15.75” green light strips and two 6” amber light strips. The green lights are placed on the outside of the kayak and provide deep penetration into the water to attract more bait, which in turn attracts more game fish. The amber anti-bug lights are installed in the cockpit area and are designed to discourage pesky bugs and also provide enough lighting to bait my hooks in the dark.

Bait in the Water

Bait in the Water Attracted to the Lights

It works! One evening, I was fishing the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels Texas, and within 10 minutes of using the lights, I had a ton of bait schooling around my kayak. The first fish that I saw was a stealthy alligator gar that swam right underneath my kayak and shortly thereafter more fish followed. I had bass, catfish and perch chasing the smorgasbord of bait that was attracted to the light. That night I was able to reel in some nice bass, a few catfish and just before I called it quits for the night, I decided to try to catch an alligator gar for sport — I want to let it be known that reeling in a nice alligator gar at night is an exhilarating challenge.

It’s also a well-built product. The lights are super bright, durable and the system was easy to install. I was initially concerned that the lights would drain the battery but my lights stay on for over 8 hours on a 12V battery. Now that these lights are a permanent fixture on my kayak, I am not only catching fish with them, but they are also serving as a great safety feature helping me navigate in the dark and keeping me visible to motor boats.

After using and having great success with the Wildcat Lighting System, I am happy to give this one two thumbs up. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a way to fish at night and increase your visibility. Do you have one installed? As always, we want for you to share your experiences with us…comment below!

ACK-San Marcos

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  1. Tim Elliott says:

    Hi Grant, can you tell me if you had to drill for the light wires up on the front of the yak???? they look super and will do nothing but attract bait fish…;o)) I really don’t want to have to drill two holes in her, but hey, a night fisherman has to do what he has to do… best regards….Tim

  2. Roland says:

    If you are referring to the wires that attach to the light strips, yes…you’ll have to drill some small holes. It’s well worth it though!

  3. Phil Richmond says:

    Was thinking about picking these up for an underwater install in the grooves of the bottom of my Malibu X-Factor. Thinking that putting them in the grooves using silicone would keep them protected while loading on top of my pickup’s Yakima bars. The wires could then be run up through a scupper to the switch/battery inside. Think it would work?

    • Roland says:

      Personally I would not mount them under the boat mainly because of wear and tear. Wildcat lighting will also tell you that the research they have done with their lights showed better results with the lights out of the water and just above the water line. The lights are bright, really bright therefore I would highly recommend that the lights always be mounted on the outside of the boat for fishing applications. – Grant

  4. Lisa says:

    Hello! Could you tell me what section of the guad you kayak’d? I’m looking for a spot where I won’t have to walk the boat around shallows (disabled, I like to stay In the boat!)


  5. Homar Gonzales says:

    How much did you pay for them,and where can I buy some . Thx land shark!

  6. Garica Ward says:

    Fishing lights can save a lot of time of fisherman and make the fishing task easy. It’s really a smart choice.
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