So many people work hard at what they do so they can earn a living to pay the bills, buy things they don’t need, or hopefully save enough money so they can retire in comfort. Live Adventure, a company that specializes in unique outdoor programs and expeditions wants to dramatically change the way people live their lives.

Branndon Bargo started Live Adventure in 2005 by putting together a trip that would transform his life. He wanted to do something that would push him physically, mentally, and spiritually, and also accomplish something that no one else had ever done before. He invited his brother Greg to join him and after coming to the conclusion that his two favorite things were mountains and sharks he decided to climb Mt. McKinley in Alaska then bike 4,000 miles to Baja Mexico and in between scuba dive with great white sharks in California. Brandon completed this adventure and became determined to use the outdoors and his sense of adventure to help others live full, passionate, and significant lives so he founded Live Adventure. In 6 years Live Adventure has grown its program services to include leadership skills workshops, team building experiences, rock climbing, mountaineering, and orienteering designed for corporate groups, athletes, and students.

In 2007,  Branndon founded One Blood Initiative, a non-profit that does work both locally and globally. The local mission is to offer outdoor programs to inner city kids from communities throughout Texas. One Blood’s global mission is to eradicate malaria from Africa by joining forces with several African organizations in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Most recently Live Adventure launched a kayak rental service at Cedar Hill State Park just outside of Dallas, Texas. Live Adventure sees this as a way to reach out to the community and continually remind people to live life to the fullest and remember to focus on the things that are important.

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