Preparing For the Clean Up

We recently participated in the 25th Annual Great Texas River Clean-Up (San Marcos River Clean-Up). Folks from all over Texas joined forces in what is known as the world’s longest river clean up. People were cleaning up the entire length of the San Marcos River (approximately 90 miles). The section of river we took part in cleaning was from Fentress to Prairie Lea 1 (2 miles) with the Spring Woods Canoe Group.

Kayaks are helpful when trying to reach hard to get items

Despite waking up to chilly 20mph winds we battled the elements to do our part in river conservation. The kayaks we chose this for this trip included the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 and Tarpon 100 for their high point of view, tracking and nimbleness for navigating through the tight waters caused by fallen timber and other debris.

It seemed to be an endless battle but we did our best to clean up empty cans, bottles and other trash, filling up trash bag after trash bag. We had very little room left in the kayaks for the over 100 feet of deserted trot and limb lines, many of which had rusted hooks still attached. These lines were camouflaged with moss and grass, just waiting for the unsuspecting swimmer to get tangled up in.

By the end of our excursion we had more trash than energy but still managed to fill up the remaining space in our bags. It will be a never-ending process but we finished feeling confident that it was a job well done. We look forward to next year’s event!

ACK San Marcos