As an angler, I occasionally enjoy firing up the skillet, so keeping my catch fresh is extremely important specifically for both taste and of course health reasons. As an angler that uses a kayak to fish, space, weight and balance are also just as important, which is whey I have turned to the Native Fish Bag Cooler.

The shape and low profile of the fish bag make it ideal for securing to the bow of my boat. It is out of the way and it can even help keep my boat somewhat balanced when I load my gear into the stern tankwell. It can also be secured to the stern. If you are tired of dragging fish on a stringer this bag is ideal for you. When the bite is hot I can quickly put fish in the bag and get my line back out without spending time trying to untangle a stringer. Using a fish bag also helps avoid fish on a stringer that can spook other fish.

The cooler is made tough and will stand up to what ever you can throw at it. I’ve used it over a dozen times for trips to the gulf coast and the salt water has had no effect on it — even if it’s been wet for a few days. Once loaded with ice or ice packs, it keeps my fish cold and can easily hold over 20 Crappie or a limit of Redfish with room for a few Trout. The D-rings built around the cooler make it easy to secure it to the kayak.

I have not been disappointed with this product since the day I bought it. It’s easy to use, durable, and most of all, functional. Take note, if you plan on putting catfish in your fish bag you should cut their spines off with a pair of wire cutters before doing so they do not put a hole in the interior lining. The lining is tough but no match for catfish spines.

I give this product 5 out of 5 stars!

Brian G. – ACK Customer

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