The outdoor recreation and paddling community is chock full of hard-to-find specialty items that make can make a noticeable difference when you’re enjoying the great outdoors. Sometimes, these items can be hard to find. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we don’t carry every single product a manufacturer offers. Why is that? Pretty simple actually. Carrying every single product, thousands and thousands of items, would be a logistical nightmare. The good news is that we do offer you the ability to special order.

There are a few reasons why an item would be a special order item. It could be a hard to find color, a little-used, but certainly not unappreciated, piece of hardware or products that are just a little less popular as others. Whatever the reason may be, we do want to make sure you get the part or product you need to make your next trip one that the great-grandkids will be talking about in the year 2100.

If we sell products from the specific manufacturer you like but you don’t see the particular item you want, odds are we can get it for you. Take NRS as an example, we already offer a ton of their products through our website, but it barely scratches the surface of what they offer. Another company we do quite a few special orders from is Hobie, most of these are for smaller replacement parts. So you Hobie people out there don’t hesitate to ask us if you need any help or direction with their cavernous accessories catalog.

Lastly, there are an enormous amount of kayaks out there. Sadly, we cannot carry each model from all of our manufacturers at the same time. Kayaks like the Wilderness Systems Tempest,  Malibu Stealth 9 and Native Watercraft’s Ultimate Tegris, Marvel and Inuit series of kayaks will only take us a few weeks to get for you. The bottom line is that this is something that we are more than happy to do and most importantly at no extra cost to you. There is no up-charge for a special order!

Building off our old (and unofficial) slogan “You Want It? We’ve Got It! …Or We’ll Get It!”, we want you to be the best outfitted and prepared paddler on both sides of the Mississippi. Next time your buddy is gloating about some hard to find specialty item they think you’ll never get your paws on, give us a call or email us ‘cause we’d love to help you wipe that smile right off their face and make your outdoor/paddling experience one for the ages.

If you’ve recently special ordered an item let us know by commenting below…we want to hear from you!

ACK Customer Service