As we quickly roll towards the Christmas holiday, I imagine that many folks are starting to scramble with last minute gift and grocery shopping duties and in some cases making travel preparations. The holidays are a time to celebrate and be thankful but it surely not a time to relax. I personally haven’t had a spare moment to make a gift list yet alone attempt to do any shopping at local retail stores. I also imagine that the biggest concern most will have is making sure that gifts arrive on time to those that live in far away places — inevitably the case for me. I never worry though. My procrastination and lack of time is always greeted with the best invention since sliced bread, the Internet. I know that even with less than ten days before the big day I still have time to place orders online and with so many shipping options, get them there on time.

Which brings me to this…shop ACK! It may be getting close but if you look at our shipping schedule, you’ll see that you still have some time! And, for all you dare-devils out there that choose to wait until the 24th to purchase gifts (that’s also me), you can always rely on our eGift Cards. They are emailed so that even if you placed your eGift Card order at 11:45pm on the 24th, you know that when the recipient wakes up, they’ll be greeted with your gift on the 25th! Plus we all know that outdoor enthusiast can be somewhat difficult to shop for. They tend to have specific gear requirements so why not let them choose what they want?

Here at ACK, we’ve also been pretty busy…no wait, let me rephrase that, extremely busy! I’ve noticed a gradual increase in the noise levels back in the warehouse and our customer service crew has been working in overdrive helping customers on the phone. Our stores are no exception. I dropped by the Austin store yesterday to deliver a sign we made for a Yakima display they recently built and there was a nice line forming behind the counter — a sight we like to see!

Of course being busy is a good thing and I must thank you, our customers, for helping us keep it that way.