Mike DeLaRosa

As ACK grows, so does our staff. We value our employees and have recently instituted an Employee of the Month Award program as a way of showing our gratitude for their commitment to ACK.

For the month of November, the Employee of the Month winner was Mike DeLaRosa. He has displayed a natural leadership quality and demonstrated this by taking over the responsibilities for our warehouse supervisor while he was out recovering from back surgery. Mike has also shown his ability to work well with others by cross training boat installations and holding other team mates accountable in a way that doesn’t cause animosity. Mike is always looking at the big picture by looking for any mistake that could possibly prevent a customer from getting their correct order. He understands personal accountability and is always willing to admit fault as opposed to laying blame on anyone for his mistakes. And just as important, Mike’s personality shines through on a daily basis with his persistent smile and happy go lucky attitude. He’s a true asset at ACK — congratulations Mike!