When I first started working at ACK, one of my many tasks was to update or take photographs of about 140 images that were currently live on our website. The goal was to make it easy for you to know exactly what it is you are about to purchase — down to the finest detail. I said, “no problem man, I’ll whip through the list in one week”. I figured I could just call upon our vendors to locate at least the majority of these images. Well, now I know why the guys were chuckling when I said that.

What I didn’t realize then that I do now is that ACK not only carries your standard prepackaged paddlesports products but also every part imaginable. We sell everything from nuts and bolts to brand specific components that most people don’t even know exist until they need them. Of course, this also means that many vendors don’t actually have images of these non-conventional products and parts. Add that to that the fact that we also sell our own branded products, I suddenly felt like this list was huge — no not huge, freaking enormous! Five weeks later, I guess you can say I am done — for now. My next task is to do a complete audit of the entire library of over 1500 products and determine what else needs improvements.

The point of all this is that ACK has always been committed to providing our customers the best possible shopping experience. Part of this means providing better product information through enhanced visuals, videos, technical data, instructional materials and customer-oriented reviews. However, it’s not just about the products.

You may have recently noticed or read about some new features on our website. One of them is called the ACK Kayak Selector. Put simply, it is an application that was built to help assist you with your kayak purchasing process. This is especially helpful for those that have no idea what kind of kayak they should purchase. And for those that do know, it may provide alternative options that you may have never considered. Expect more details about this later.

Next is the ACK Account Manager, not only does it provide you with ability to create and manage your own account, it also lets you retrieve Saved Carts and even create Wish Lists! The idea is to make it easier to checkout next time you decide to make a purchase with pre-populated data and access to products lists that you may not have been ready to purchase during a prior visit.

In addition to providing a better shopping experience, we have also begun to revive our Articles and Research section with new how-to’s, articles and other resources. If you haven’t been to our Articles and Research section, stop by, you’ll be surprised to see how many informative articles we already have available.

We have been and will continue to do what we can to provide you, our valued customers, with the ultimate shopping experience. As ACK matures, so will our product library, website and all it’s functionality. Expect to see more updates and enhancements as we enter into 2011 and as always, your feedback, suggestions and recommendations mean everything to us. In fact, I won’t be shy, go ahead and send them directly to me. I’ll be sure to document and share your feedback with our team.