I started the fishing challenge 3 years ago as a way to get people that had never tournament fished or were afraid to dive into tournament fishing, with a low cost, low pressure “fun challenge”.  I worked with Dennis Hermes of Austin Kayak Fishing extensively to learn the correct ways to run a tournament.  He runs the AKF KATS Tournament here in Austin.

We have started planning the 2010 Fishing Challenge and since Lady Bird Lake worked out so well last year we are going to go back this year and do it up.  We have great prizes and a wide variety of winners.  From biggest Bass, to best 3 bass.  We also have some non-traditional prizes for smallest fish, carp, the golden catfish and overall length no matter the fish.   We have a kids division that will get just as excited for the sunfish as the Hog.

Kayak fishing is gaining popularity and ACK embraces that shift.  It is a wonderful way to enjoy the water, outdoors and the sport of fishing.

When: Oct 24th at Lady Bird Lake we will get together once again to fish, have some fun and eat some food together.

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Chris Hackard