Written by adam hayes, YakAngler Online

Native is excited to announce some of the upgrades that they have made to the 2011 line up.ย ย  With upgrades being made to many of Native’s kayak’s I wanted to focus specifically on two of their fishing kayaks that hadย what I feel to be most important updates in the the Native lineup.

Native Ultimate Upgrades

  • Groove Track System
  • New Soft Handles
  • Restyled First Class Seat
  • Seat Riser
  • Draining Slots
  • Camo paint Scheme

Manta Ray Upgrades

  • Groove Track System
  • Tag Along Wheel
  • Camo Paint Scheme
  • Restyled Seat with Static Wedge
  • Updated Graphics

Check out the Native Watercraft 2011 preview video at below!

For more information please visit http://www.nativewatercraft.com

From AustinKayak.com:

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