Costa Del Mar Grippers

I have a friend who is a dive master and he does a lot of clean-up dives in Lake Travis and other rivers around Texas. The one thing he says he finds most of (especially on the Comal River) is sunglasses. We all know that friend who lost their $300 dollar Ray-Ban sunglasses while out on the lake or while floating.

There is such an easy (and fashionable) solution for this! Costa Del Mar makes sunglass cords, straps, keepers, retainers and grippers that are an affordable security feature for your glasses. We also have floating retainers that are a great option as well. These especially come in handy when you have more costly and quality glasses that you would regret losing  I have a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses and I always use retainers on them when out on the water.

My dive master friend also tells me that he finds a lot of wallets and phones. We sell cases like the Dry Doc or Pelican Cases that are specific for these personal items that you definitely don’t want getting wet or ending up at the bottom of the river.

Store Associate – Austin