The dusty truck door slams shut as I head home after a long day’s work.  I’ve got my kayak, my paddle, my life jacket, and I’m headed home to grab my dog Cassius (Cash for short).  Cassius is a 94-pound black lab with a taste for river fish and a love for the water comparable to my own.  He’s no stranger to long river kayak rides, and on occasion has passed the four hour mark down the local Texas river systems with me.

Sometimes we’ll put in at a low point and paddle upstream with Cash usually guiding the way some 30 feet ahead of me.  As the trip progresses he understandably could use a break and will swim up next to my right hand side so I can give him a leg up into my kayak.  In some boats, this kind of maneuver would not be practical, or in some cases even possible.  I own a Wilderness Systems Ride 135, a good fishing boat with lots of leg room and stand-up capability. The hull is a pontoon design which distributes the weight more evenly over a broad surface area of the kayak.  This design allows my buddy Cash to jump in and out of the boat without flipping us or rocking it to where I will fall out with him.

It was my dog that I was primarily thinking about when I first purchased my kayak.  I was drawn to a number of boat designs but realized what I needed after renting a few and going down the river with Cash.  He’s a large dog that needs room and on these hot days I need space for my DuraSoft Cooler.  I found that a 12 foot boat or longer works well with a larger dog and gives me the ability to take him with me on our river excursions while still having space for extra gear that I bring.  Recently I invested in a canine life jacket to be safe and make it so Cash and I can go out on the river for 4 hours or more.  That is typically the time I see Cash getting tired and needing some flotation help. The Ruff Wear Big Eddy Float Coat fits him nicely and the Big Tug Fire Hose Bumper Dog Toy is his personal favorite water toy.  Every time I go out on the river with Cash I see the value of my investment sharing all these great experiences with my canine buddy.

Chris S.
San Marcos Store