A while back I tried to get some guys together for a Frio River kayaking trip that never happened.  In the meantime, my buddy ‘Bear’ mentioned that I should look into the Devil’s River as a better option.  Turns out one of the ACK staff is also planning a DR run for early next year so I’ll do some advance scouting for them.

At the time I was really set on paddling the Frio River and never even gave the Devil’s River a second thought.  But like any great journey, it starts off as a small seed and grows into something that seems to take on its own life.

I wish I could say that we spent months planning and going over every detail of the trip, but that would be a lie.  To be honest, we leave in less than two weeks and the trailer is still in its final stages of assembly and some of the details for the trip are fuzzy at best.  If I told you I wasn’t a little nervous, that would be a lie too.

However, I am making this kayak trip with two friends that I have known for more than half my life. During our teenage years the three of us were involved in a number of close encounters with death and even more memorable experiences.  Sometimes I think the only difference between being a teenager and an adult is that we don’t have to ask permission to conquer the great unknown anymore.

So the gear list is not complete yet but once it is I’ll post what we are taking on the kayak trip and then I’ll post when we are done and let you know what we forgot.  I’ll also upload some pictures to the ACK Flickr site.

Wish me luck!

Marcus Haralson
ACK ProStaff