Yak Stick Mud Stick Anchor

We recently started stocking the Yak Stick which is mud stick anchor that includes an attachment point for a carabiner.ย  The Yak Stick is 6 foot long, made out of fiberglass and is used by anglers looking to anchor their kayak in shallow water with a soft bottom.ย  I asked one of our sponsored fishing pros to give me his take on stake out sticks like the Yak Stick.

His advice on using a Yak Stick like anchor is to use a bungee paddle leash to attach it to the boat so that it eliminates the jarring motion as the kayak pulls against the stick. ย  Another option is to use an anchor trolley to position the kayak for perfect casting.

We also stock a Floating Stake-Out Stick which is similar to Yak Stick but as the name states…it floats.

Happy fishing.

– Clayton Clabaugh