How-To Articles
At ACK, we realize that sometimes, drilling that first hole in your brand new kayak can be intimidating. That's why we've created and continue to publish a variety of How-To articles. Got an idea for a How-To article, we're all ears, email us!
Attach a Bungee Paddle Leash - Attaching a Bungee Paddle Leash to your paddle and Kayak.

Choosing a Kayak - How to: Choose a Kayak

Choosing a Paddle - How to: Choose a Paddle

Choosing a Rudder - How to: Choose Between a Rudder or No Rudder

Choosing an Anchor - How to: Choose the Right Kayak Anchor

Choosing Dry Storage - How to: Choose Between a Dry Bag and a Dry Box

Close a Dry Bag - The proper way to close a dry bag.

Install a Center Hatch - Install a Center Hatch on your kayak.

Install a Drain Plug - Install a Drain Plug to Your Kayak.

Install a Flush Mount Rod Holder - Install a flush mount rod holder on your kayak.

Install a Kayak Seat - Install an ACK Kayak Seat on your kayak.

Install a Paddle Keeper Kit - Install a Paddle Keeper Kit on your kayak.

Install a Padeye - Install padeyes on your kayak.

Install a Quick Strap Sports Rack - Install a Quick Straps Sports Rack on your vehicle and tie down your kayak.

Install a Safety Flag - Install a 4ft Kayak Safety Flag with Mount by ACKessories.

Install a Scotty Baitcaster - Install a Scotty Baitcaster to your kayak.

Install a Scotty Flush Mount - Install a Scotty Flush mount to your kayak.

Install an Anchor Cleat - Install an Anchor Cleat on your kayak.

Install Paddle Clips - Install Paddle Clips on your kayak.

Install Rivets - Install Rivets on your kayak.

Install Side Mount Handles - Install Side Mount Carry Handles to your kayak.

Install Thigh Straps - Install and adjust Thigh Straps to your kayak.

Install Well Nuts - Install Well Nuts on your kayak.

Remove a Rivet - Remove a Rivet from your kayak.

Tie Down a Kayak - Use tie-down straps (AKA cam straps) to secure a kayak to a roof rack without a cradle or saddle system.

Using a Heat Welder - Repair a Kayak Using a Heat Welder

Owner's Manuals
Below are the manuals for many of the products we sell. We try to keep it as up to date as possible but if you happen to come across one that is outdated or can't find what you are looking for, email us.

You Tube Instructional Videos
A collection of product overview, instructional and informative videos. To view the complete library of videos, visit our YouTube channel here. Just like our How-To articles, we are open to your ideas, email us!

Recent Newsletter Articles
Don't get our newsletter or trying to locate a recent article you read but can't seem to find it? Below are the three latest and most popular articles recently published. Don't miss the next issue though, click here to sign up for our newsletter and special offer emails.
Love, Hugs & Outdoor Gear
Bring the romance of the great outdoors to the one you love. Click to continue reading.
Rhythm of Drum and Bass
A different perspective on fishing for Bass and Redfish. Click to continue reading.
Kayak Fishing 101
You've got a yak, you've seen them do it, you've thought about -- is it time to go fish? We'll help you get started! Click to continue reading.

Recent Infographics
Check out our latest easy to follow infographics highlighting a variety of different topics and product recommendations.
ACK Kayak Camping Gear Guide: A Visual Presentation.
We've written several articles highlighting what you need to know when kayak camping. This time, we took a different approach featuring the camping gear you should consider taking along with you through an easy to follow one page visual presentation. Click here or download a PDF version for printing and to reference it at a later time. Both versions contain clickable links that will lead you to detailed information about each product or product category.
Cold Weather Paddling Apparel Layering Guide
Fall brings cooler weather and a hint of even colder temperatures that are just around the corner but that doesn't necessarily mean it's time to put your kayaks and canoes away. With a bit of preparation and apparel suited for almost any type of environmental condition, you'll be paddling well into the winter. This guide offers some guidance on how to dress for less than ideal conditions. Click here to view or download the complete guide.
ACK Kayak Camping Gear Guide: A Visual Presentation.
When the Outdoor Foundation released its 2012 outdoor participation report (covering 2011), we pulled some interesting data we wanted to share with our very own readers via this easy to read infographic. Generally speaking, the news is very good but we did notice some interesting facts about why people, especially our youth, didn't participate in outdoor activities in 2011 as much as they did in 2010. Click here to view or download the complete guide.
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